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Computer help, advice and support

Robertson Media has expanded its service to include advice and support for home and small business users.

   Our service can provide personal teaching sessions for those whose skills are in another area but need to be able to understand and use technology to push their businesses or services forward.

    It was back in the early 80s that I entered the computer world with one of the first to move into AppleMacs. Along the way, I helped install computers systems on a national newspaper before taking these skills into corporate communications as well as developing expertise on a wide range of programs, including QuarkXpress from its first introduction into Britain and through the MacroMedia suit of web design programs (Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash) now under the Adobe umbrella.

   Safari, Thunderbird, Firebox, Explorer and the MicroSorf Office suit including Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook have all been mastered and lessons can be arranged around any of these programs.

    Work on Mac OS X Lion, the world's most advanced desktop operating system, and PC Windows 7 is an everyday occurrence providing a unique level of expertise that can be passed on.

   Whether you are a novice, have little experience or want to expand your use of computers, help is on hand.omputers

•  To learn more about how we can help you send Drew an e-mail or contact via phone on 07740734319.


•  Advice and help articles will appear here frequently.