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Professional journalistic services

Welcome to Robertson Media, the umbrella name for the expertise offered by journalist and writer Drew Robertson.

   With a unique set of skills, honed in newspapers, magazines, web sites and corporate communications, a wide range of skills and services are provided to suit customers' specific needs:-

  Penning biographies, we write 'local' biographies and memoirs for people to pass onto their loved ones.

  Designing, editing and developing web sites, including memorial sites such as

  Publications, providing writing, editing and designing newspapers, magazines and other publications including help with e-mails and online newsletters and bulletins

  Public relations, with advice on how to get media coverage and the best way to approach media outlets for exposure and the way to write news releases.

  Marketing, including help in producing adverts and approach letters when seeking to explore new business opportunities.

  Writing, with articles and features.

  Computer advice and help, both on Apple Mac and PC, on the practicalities of mastering simple everyday programs.

  Teaching across the whole range of journalistic, writing and corporate skills mastered over more than 34 years.


If you would like help, advice or to merely chat about any of the services just call or e-mail me